Ikon ®

High quality viscoelastic flexible polyurethane

Adapts to body shape.
Temperature sensitivity.
Pressure identifier and lightener.

These three characteristics define IKON®, an innovative polyurethane material with a viscous touch. It is able to adapt itself to body shape, distributing load as evenly as possible and providing the correct position with minimum pressure on the body.

Furthermore, IKON® material has been created in order to obtain a higher breathability, so it allows a higher air-flow and better results in fatigue tests as seen in comfort criteria according to the European norm UNE EN 31092:1996.


The IKON® high quality viscoelastic polyurethane follows a high quality policy that is respectful with nature. In compliance with strict manufacturing standards, our product offers a greater guarantee and security due to its non-toxicity.

Our commitment is proved by the fulfilling of the HYG CEN certificate regarding the exemption of cytotoxicity in our foams. Besides, the fulfilling of the Oko-Tex Standard 100 certificate which bans or limits the use of substances that are toxic for the human being. IKON® has passed the most demanding level, Class 1, suitable for babies and children up to two years old.

Specially recommended for lifestyle products, medical products for geriatrics, orthopaedics and