Polyurethane flexible foam based on natural soya oil

Over the last decades, TORRES ESPIC has gone through an ongoing technological evolution and developed new products in all industrial sectors.

For years, our company has been researching and developing new flexible polyurethane foam grades -combining the optimum properties for its application fields with safety regarding ecology and toxicity- due to the environmental concerns and the increasing awareness of human beings about the toxicity of the products around us.

In the eighties, we stopped using CFCs (ChloroFluoroCarbons) and some other products harmful to the ozone layer. Afterwards, we decided to produce polyurethane foams according to the requirements of Class I from OKO-TEX, obtaining its certificate Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – Class I.

The last step has been the manufacturing of polyurethane foam from a renewable raw material, “Soya bean Oil”. All of the raw materials are limited or not renewable except for the ones that are cultivated. That is the reason why we are providing a more natural and environment-friendly material.

Our SOYA grades are produced by replacing certain part of polyol with soya extracts genetically unmodified in a percentage up to 15%. So there is a combination of high resilience foam -with more elasticity and durability due to its open cell structure- and a product based on renewable raw materials with environment-friendly technology. This technology is also in our visco-elastic foam grades.