Resilén ®

High resilience and high quality standard flexible polyurethane


Technology and comfort are combined in this next generation innovative polyurethane material. Higher elasticity -and consequently durability among its use- has been achieved as a result of Research and Development.

Its rigorous manufacturing process and strict control of its properties provides an open cell light structure that guarantees perfect breathability and elasticity. All of the different densities and firmness achieve optimum properties and a high level of comfort for resting.


Faithful to our commitment with the environment, the RESILÉN® flexible polyurethane follows a high quality policy that respects nature. In compliance with strict manufacturing standards, our product offers a greater guarantee and security due to its non-toxicity.

Our commitment is proved by the fulfilling of the Oko-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which bans or limits the use of substances that are toxic for human beings. RESILÉN® has passed the most demanding level, Class 1, suitable for babies and children up to two years old.